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My life is an eternity in the blink of an eye...

Anything interesting - I'm there.

Crap: Use once and destroy... INTP/3/investigator/Virgo-Libra cusp w/Scorpio moon & most planets in Scorpio or Sag, Water Dog/Rat ascendant

Relation to world: Off in own little world and also very entertained by the world when I want to notice it. Or other times, just plain pissed off, and very pissed off, at that.

I'm so lucky: I've gotten a fake DUI.

Childhood: "normal" upbringing, 2 parent-household, older brother, younger sister, church-going, intelligent, disconnected, very obedient, escaped to worlds inside my head.

I've been called: ADD, annoying, bipolar, blunt, complex, crazy, fiery, flitty, generous, honest, intelligent, loud, paranoid, perceptive, quiet, schizotypal, schizophrenic, understanding, unique, weird.

Outlook: rational, optimistic, cynical/realistic, perceptive, critical.

Tendency: To go in cycles with my interests, social circles, and so on.

Thrives on: stress and chaotic enviroments.

Doesn't that suck?: I have lots of dreams, but tend to lack the focus, attention, and motivation to actually achieve many of them.

I want to learn, experience, and understand everything and everyone I can. My independence ends up producing an almost completely self-centered human being... one who realizes that one's head almost can seem to exsist as its own being, regardless of environment. I've experienced many "places" far as modes of thinking and behavior, sometimes I wonder if subconsiously I may have kind of given some of them to myself so that I could experience and understand them. I probably did. Ones that I haven't experienced I have at least observed, or educated myself about. In getting to know many people, their behavior, as well as my own, makes perfect sense to me, with the way they think, their experiences, and so on... everything combined produces a whole whose behavior and so on matches all that makes up who they are.

Eye am an eyeball.

"If letters had eyebrows, these would be arched."

-James St. James

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