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Fuck These People


Looking through old livejournal, others and mine. Remembering things, finding things out, other views, missing things.

So much has changed, and all that hasn't.

Shit was so simple back then - but it wasn't. Never allowed such things. But simple in that what was to come was more apparent. Not living on fucking eggshells. It wasn't directly caused by me this time, this is so frustrating. Day to fucking day to fucking day living. Can't pay bills. Income reliant upon others, and they suck so bad..........

Dot dot dotty dot dot.

My back hurts, eyes feel funky, stupidest sleep schedule ever, and still fucking.sitting.here.

So hard to figure out what to prioritize.

Russell is dead. It's fucked up. He and eye and Moonbow were to die on the same day, that obviously didn't happen. Still here, and the real funny thing is - if eye were to NOT - it would have nothing at all to do with the fact they're gone.

Ugh, drawers to pick, useless people to email, etc ad nauseum.
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