Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,

If A Law Is Deemed Immoral By You, You Must Disobey

Jack Kevorkian is my new favorite person.

Eye got a job. There was a Craigslist ad on a Saturday, eye called and talked with him, showed up Monday, and started working. Then one payday Friday, they said there was a problem with the account and that our paychecks would be ready Tuesday at the latest. Lots of people took off. On Monday was told the merchant account was frozen due to too many chargebacks and cancellations. Tuesday was told we were being shut down for a while. Was informed that it had to do with someone stealing customer creit card info. A couple of customers had mentioned this, but eye didn't think it had to do with us. Was told to call and check on pay status.Eye called all week. On Saturday, was told pay would be ready Tuesday. Came in Tuesday, they said we'd reopen the following week, and come in for cash pay the next day. Went to a bar with James. Wednesday, camped out all day in front of the business with other employees. No one showed up. Checked the following day a couple of times, nothing. Tried to do plasma, was permanetely deferred because of a policy change, on the first visit eye admitted to smoking pot in high school - now they accept no one with any admitted drug history. Checked back at work the next day, they'd moved their stuff out. The managers never answered their phones. Went to the labor board the next week, didn't have a piece of info they wanted, which eye still haven't sent to them. Wanted to go to the media to ruin any future the managers had in business, but now it's been a month.

Need work. Goodness, me. Told my dad eye already had work, because eye seriously thought eye was about to get a job... and now it still hasn't happened.

In the beginning of June, due to admitting that eye'd cut myself in April to my aunt in June, she talked with my dad, they gave me a month to "straighten everything out." They were threatening inpatient treatment. My dad came and took me to two evaluations. Admitted what eye could, which was most things. Both places suspect eye have a couple of mental disorders, wanted me to go and get diagnosed with a psychiatrist. And now, eye have a weekly appointment with a therapist. My dad found a free place that does diagnosing, will go in the next day or two before my appointment on Tuesday. My aunt will take me.
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