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get my $454 sent to me as a check... like the world is conspiring against me to keep me from having any money, though it's mine. I'm seeing my aunt tomorrow... I'm going to try to "grow some (space) balls" and ask for some, and try not to be talked out of it. It's hard to explain what it's like being in a family that's controlling.. to anyone who doesn't come from the same type of situation. But at least I'm not as "bad in with" my family as Jakob... as they know his story and he's been basically disowned - kicked out a long time ago & taken out of the family will. They were going to make him go to therapy, as my family is going to do with me, although I don't think they would actually physically take him to a drug rehab, and my family would, if I were on drugs. it's crap. I'm at school WAY too early for class because I was trying to get some shit straight with the cashier's office, but I've done it too late, too late. It's already set. So here's to me trying to get some shit done tomorrow, whether by excuse or just being (sort of) direct. Being sort of direct can be amusing, as when he visited, I told my dad I think I should be able to do drugs every once in a while, and I don't see anything wrong with it.. He saw that as a problem in itself. Ah, fucking family. 1h30m til class, many more hours til I get home, and I'm about to make a request that's going to piss someone off.
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