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Twenty minutes to play before eye leave for the bus.

Eye got a grant to go to school. Already missed three assignments, one of which eye've now turned in. Got an A on it, which will mean a B because it was late. This will be fixed over teh course of teh semester. Eye'm determined to get As. Also did a writing assignment that later eye regretted, and knew how to improve. Eye need t o make sure to make two versions of any writing assigment that eye do. Maybe they have that student-assisted paper program here where they go through and edit/suggest what you have done wrong and fix it.

Eye've been out of money a week, and today got m'eye tax refund. However, there's no reason to be excited about it because the backdoor neighbor, who lived there a month and is now leaving, stuck us with a $144 electric bill, which with us is usually $40-90. He must have run the heater constantly, and James is furious. It's just depressing to me, and eye wonder if eye'm going to make rent next month because of it. Actually, it would, because eye'd be otherwise wasting money. It's always flying away somehow.

We've been having Mormon, or if you prefer, moron visitors lately. Eye've been humoring them, and questioning them, but now they want to baptize me March 5th. Eye got a job place referral from them, and am looking to tr'eye to get food from them, then somehow, someway - cut them off. Eye've become way too docile in some ways, blame the black tar baby if you will.

Having money, being on medication (when eye remember to take it) James and eye get along very well. It's a nice change from the daily arguments and struggle and games to get what eye needed every day, much of last year. Eye'm going to get all caught up on school over the weekend, then eye'm going back on the job hunt next week. Because eye have more than 20 thousand out in student loans, this school doesn't want to loan me money. Eye'll have to do an appeal, which will take time, befor eye wcan even turn in the appeal, they have to analyze m'eye past student records, which will take about six weeks from when eye turned it in last week.

M'eye sister is in town for her birthday this weekend. She looks fabulous and eye can't say eye'm not jealous.

Hoping for the best, but not expecting the worst, except earlier today before eye heard from m'eye aunt that m'eye tax return was here. Eye got scared it was being audited.
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