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As most of m'eye internet places are also followed by the family, eye have few places of refuge. Not even sure this is safe. Pretty much same ol same ol except

May-June worked at NutriKare, doing customer service, exec assistant, and shipping, til it was shut down bc the owner was using customer credit cards, they oew me 2.5 weeks of pay, still.

Jul'eye - the family got concerned eye'd cut m'eyeself a few months prior. Thought eye'd be locked up. In therapy instead, eventually diagnosed bipolar at the state mental service place, am on Abilify and Traodone as of September.

Aug-Sep, political canvassing for Working America. Let go for not meeting quota for a weel. James also left around m'eye birthday, the old coworkers weren't at karaoke that nigt, wasted a trip down there, neighbors hung out with me. Didn't eat for a week, lost some weight.

Oct-now, started another canvassing job for the Democratic Party of NV, six days of 6.5 hour shifts, they changed pay policy while eye was there, so paid weekly. The last four days were brutal 10 hour shifts of walking. Job ended after elections. Need the last two jobs to fill out info about what they paid me in order to get food stamps. Doing a research study Sk'eyeDay (fr'eyeDay) for $60.

That's what's up.
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