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It's Hot&It's Cold

But eye think nothing of it - it's going to be in the 100s here soon, and am in Jakob's room - that doesn't even have a fan. The living room has the SuperCold air in it.

James at his mom's - til he feels it's "ok enough" to come home. Eye had said NOTHING that would make it seem that it wasn't. So at first, eye was QUITE upset that he wanted to stay down there longer. Then decided, long as he pays his rent - he can stay down there as long as he wants. Eye don't care. But when eye later spoke to him, and he wasn't all fucked up on Soma or what not - found out the reason he ACTUALLY was staying down there had NOTHING to do with me. He's waiting on his birth certificate so that he can get his Nevada ID... which is stupid - he should have just gotten a replacement AZ ID. Lots cheaper and easier - but whatever.

However, however - it seems to me - Jakob and eye living together, just us, alone - is NOT really a good thing. So it's good James is coming here soon, armed with a fucking attitude. That way - no more excuses - right before the timing comes that Excuses trump all.
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