Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,


this job is so not working out. Eye've been sent home twice after the first hour for not completing enough surveys. eye haven't been able to reach anyone! The last time, saturday, eye tried to protest as directed by my trainer. the guy didn't care. It's stupid- it's not like they need more available seats when they don't over book shifts. It's not like it means the person is messing around- my area supervisor didn't believe at first that i'd called all the numbers on two lists when they came around for the first one. Funny jakob story- this morning james woke to him untaping the box (to get at it to use by hiding out in the room all day with it) for sending the computer to the manufacturer before the warranty date. His reaction- asking james if he'd sent it in already. HOPEFULLY tomorrow's job interview goes well, is a job i can do considering school hours, and isn't commission only. There are far too many jobs here that hire people as private contracters to get away with not paying people for their time.
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