Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,

my eye should be closed right now

I have "cell phone hand" from scrolling and typing online. Also developing a headache. Eye was able to sleep fourteen to sixteen hours last night, then missed my "window of sleep" so have spent time on the internet in this bed, after finally quitting watching movies. SO obviously didn't schedule a shift today. Eye need to after my interview tomorrow- must think of "the future" of maintaining myself. Hopefully this week proves fruitful. After today and tomorrow eye'll have food stamps again. March 30- taken care of- but not the day after. here's to hoping my aunt will allow me to have $100 or so- not that that flies me til pay day, but maybe things will be different by then, anyhow. Timing of events makes this week not what i'd planned, but maybe the weekend, or the one after, as it seems i'll be forced to then, anyway.
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