Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,

that story that ease my they hide it up the sleeves my they hide it they're never gonna find it

I made the mistake of thinking spring break was occuring each week of the two weeks preceding the actual event. Eye've found a job that has afternoon to evening shifts, so looks like it's something i can only do on weekends, and during ACTUAL break next week? Regardless- eye'm looking for a job that has a schedule of hours that occur before school. Since the job eye already have allows everyone to call and pick a shift on the days they want to work- there won't be any problems with missing work. SO- whenever i lose the day job from being late too many times, there's a job to fall back on, one eye'm unlikely to lose. Jakob managed to lose his telemarketing job, due to leaving two hours early on his second day because he was too stressed out from it or some shit. But if he passes a background check at CVS he'll have another job
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