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The Man With The Golden Gun Thinks He Knows So Much

FUCK! I just went Up from the end of the post and GUESS WHAT! The whole post erased. Fabulous.

I was pleased today that
!the sk'eye's eye watered
!I discovered Photobucket restored my account from a lengthy period of inactivity, not signing in.... so nothing was lost
!though James did not get his check, his mom sent him money, which means I'm paid back for rent, which means... um "Peace of Mind" ... to use one of James' own phrases against hin
!Eye've won many times at Mahjongg. A few days ago, eye stumbled upon a free version online. So instead of using the computer to apply for all those job leads/check email/do schoolwork/check myspace, facebook, livejournal/use AIM, eye instead stay up until I physically cannot stand to do so, all the while holding my bladder until it feels almost ready to burst.

A while back, eye decided our house has an ocean. Eye went fishing and found a Tiger Shark, a Great White Shark, and an unidentified shark (my cats.) After that, it was decided that WE were also a part of that ocean, and when it's the ocean in our home, I go around moving my lips like a fish and I suck on random eyetems. James is an electric eel. Eye decided eye'm a catfish. I watched a show on sharks and finally figured out Kahlua: she is a Ray Shark - blends into what she lays on, likes to be in dirt, has a whip tail. I made Jakob decide what he was after he moved in here. He says he's a dolphin. When Andrea visited, she said she's a mermaid. Eye'd be a Koi and/or Pirhana, but those are in fresh water, in different parts of the world.. like a Japanese pond, and the Amazon river.

I've been getting lazier and lazier with school these past weeks, now rarely attending. It's awful, stupid, and it's fucking me over. I REALLY wanted and needed As this semester. I know some of those days I couldn't have gone, but so many I could... It's changing now, especially as midterms and Spring Break approach.

Back to Mahjongg.
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