Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,

Then You Have to Worry About All Sort of Other Shite

And it's so easy to pretend and play into the drama of One Big Problem instead of many others, of various sizes. And when he thinks this is THE PROBLEM, what happens when it's discovered, it's so sosososo SO much more than that?

This is amusing. Very amusing. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/m4w/1559478951.html

I'm so tired. But have to stay awake 10 more hours. Sleeping pills and Xanax. And hope it keeps me asleep until Saturday. I wish I knew what time my aunt was coming over. But I don't. Guess I'll miss a class tomorrow but it's better than... well, depending on other people. And trying to squeeze something dry... when it already is.
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