Eyeball (elementeyeball) wrote,

Textbooks Are Like Heroin

Saw my aunt today, asked for money, wasn't a problem like I'd imagined it would be. I said some was for me, some for James to get his contacts. And no questions, no issues. Sometimes I imagine disaster in my future, and it's actually pretty anticlimactic.

I like my teacher for Sociology. Last night, one of the first thing he mentioned was about textbooks.
"Textbooks are ok, but they're like heroin. You get hooked and then you can't live without it."
"Textbooks are like fast food. They'll fill you up, but you don't get much nutrition out of it." And so on. We only have two tests, which will determine our grade - two essays. Well, eye like writing, and eye'm good at tests. Not so good with homework. SO this should work out fine.

For Criminal Justice, we have an online portion of the class. Two days ago, we were shown how to sign up. And today, the fucking website isn't even there anymore. It moved, and getting into the part I needed was a nightmare. I couldn't find it through the website. I did a Bing search, and that's how I finally found where I needed to go.

My aunt seems to think eye'm doing much better since our last time together. She says I smile and talk more, and carry myself better. That's good, it's always great to appear well in the eyes of the family.
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